Once upon a time there was love in the couple. He also starred in the film together. Got success But the heroine's move away from the heroine's mood, the heroine moved away Aishwarya Rai married Abhishek Bachchan Meanwhile, in the life of the boyfriend Salman Khan, too many lover of life. However, Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan came back again.
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Not only that, Salman was seen to touch the lips on Aishwary's cheek. Such a picture has recently become viral, which has seen the eyes of all the social media users.

In the 1999 film 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam', it was seen as a last-minute affair with Salman Khan and Aishwarya. Love has started since then. But in 2002, actress divorced with Salman in connection with various acts of torture and humiliation. And since then, Aishwarya and Salman have been seen in the Ekrafra till now. How is this impossible accomplishment?
Salman Kissing Aishwarya
Posted by Indian media, recently posted a movie from Aishwarya Rai Bachchan fan page. Whereas, Photoshop has completely brought Salman and Aishwarya closer. That is, one of their fans has brought Aishwarya and Salman together with Photoshop. But even if the picture is fake, the images of former promisors coming in one frame have begun to rock again in Bollywood.
Topless photoshoot was going on in the Bahamas beach on a sports magazine. The model was sitting on a stone near the Sea Bicht. Just open the bust covered with hand. But the photographer did not get the opportunity to do that photograph and camera. Before that a huge tide was scattered. The wave of the waves, the hinges of the nipple, and the hips on the nipple also move away. The picture of the whole incident was captured in the camera.
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Such an incident has happened to the US model and actress Kate Upton. The problem of a topple's snapshot happened! The US model has not been able to cope with the wave of waves. But there was no major disaster.
Kate Upton in a Violent Situation
Meanwhile, one of the unit rushed to save the model. But at the last moment, the American model-actress went to the sea in a jumble. But accidentally near the C-Bike accident happens. Model was not a big hit due to low depth. But he got a little injury on his legs. After this incident, he finished the photoshoot.
Today is World Bray Day. So women in different countries are not wearing this day, no bra. Every year on October 13, 'No Bra Day' was celebrated to raise awareness of breast cancer. According to medical science, women who do not wear bra, their breast cancer risk is very low. On October 13, it is celebrated as a bra day, but the entire month of October is observed as the month of breast cancer throughout the world.
Why do not Wear Bra on Todays Day Women
The 'No Bray' Day is strongly spread through the hashtag in 2011, spreading to social media. Supporting the day, as well as women, as well as to help men come forward, various awareness organizations. With the creation of awareness on breast cancer, this day marks a reminder of women's emancipation in the form of bra avoidance, many women in the Western world think. Recently, a survey by the UK's Cancer Council found that about 50,000 women in the country are being breast cancer every year. Since 1990, the number of women with breast cancer increased by about 19 percent.
Popular model and actress Sumaiya Zafar Suzana He is busy with acting and social service. But he went to his brother in Italy with a break of about two months. Going there on the occasion of the brother's first child There is no work done in these two months. Although his choice is to work his way. This actress always promotes the quality of work without the number of work.

The star is again returning to full-time in the country after two months of break. Together with advertising, music video, drama everything is going to appear again in the screen. At the same time social activities will continue. Coming back to Italy, the regularity of acting and his contemporaneous busyness, he talked with Journalists.
Sumaiya Zafar Suzana
How are you?
Sumaiya Zafar Suzana: Alhamdulillah. By Allah's mercy, I am always good. If I say one word then I would say, I was fine, and I will be inshaAllah.
What are you now?
Sumaiya Zafar Suzana: Now I am Brahmanbaria. Here we are eating lunch in an orphanage. I have been here before. Let's spend time with everyone here.
When is returning from Italy?
Sumaiya Zafar Suzana: This is on 9th October night. But in the morning there was shooting in the morning. Life in a Metro, directed by Bijoy Shuvo, is a serial drama.
What is said! Could you have a little rest?
Sumaiya Zafar Suzana: Rest should have been there. But the director was given a date before. I do not want to hurt anyone in my work. So back in the night I appeared in the shooting at the morning.
How is the character in the drama?
Sumaiya Zafar Suzana: My character's name in the play 'Life in a Metro' is Mitu. I have a younger sister. Basically we two sisters are very foolish girls. Why do not I go and share it with my sister. That is also about love. Such character.
How was the time in Italy?
Sumaiya Zafar Suzana: It's a good idea. My brother's first child. So we were very happy that we were all happy. And I just love the baby a little more. Apart from Italy, I went to my uncle in Paris. It is all about taking care of brother's child and walking around. I was also very good mentally.
What's new?
Sumaiya Zafar Suzana: From Brahmanbaria, we will come back tonight. Shooting time is one hour drama. And now I am doing a little bit acting now.
There are no special reasons to reduce acting?
Sumaiya Zafar Suzana: For the special reason, my family, social activities, my own fashion house, gave me one. I'm more busy with all this. Moreover, I have only reduced work, I do not really work if there is no good story.
What is the bus to the fashion house?
Sumaiya Zafar Suzana: In my house the clothes and clothes of different countries are found. So the new designs of foreign clothes collections have to be kept in mind. So again going to Dubai and India for some new collections of my fashion house. That's why acting is a little less.
Activists, celebrities and journalists announced Twitter boycott on Friday 13 October in protest of the closure of actress Rose McGowan's Twitter account. In a tweet, Rose McGowan has temporarily closed its account after alleging rape against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.
That's why Women are Excluding Twitter
This campaign was run by #WomenBoycottTwitter. And within a few hours on Friday, the campaign was shared 90,000 times. Twitter has said that McGowan's account has been terminated because he has violated the terms of this platform. And Twitter chief Jack Dorsey said the new policy is coming on Twitter.
Despite these explanations, many have complained that this action has taken against Twitter Daily McGowan in opening his face against influential people like Harvey Weinstein. Police have already started investigations into some allegations after Harvey Weinstein released one of the rape, sexual assault and harassment allegations.
Rose McGowan
Among those who gave the boycott of the Tuetra are many famous stars. However, many believe that, instead of excluding women from Twitter, they should be protesting loudly on Twitter.

Harvey Oneston is one of Hollywood's most influential movie producers. His friendship with influential and powerful people in the US Even Barack Obama, a close friend of Hillary Clinton. He is also one of the fat fund managers of the Democratic Party.
A few days ago, news coverage of Hollywood's influential producer Harvey Winsten's sexual scandal was revealed in the New York Times Magazine. The whole incident triggered a stir in the US Muluk Angelina Jolie and Gonyith Palatro had sexually harassed Oscar-winning producer Harvey Winstein Two actresses told the New York Times that producer Harvey Winsteen tried to rape her at the start of her acting career. It is known that Bollywood is not just heroine, Bollywood's Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was also on the list of Harvey's sexual lust!
Aishwarya Rai and Harvey Weinstein
It is known that he also wanted to meet with Aishwarya in private, Harvey. Simona Sheffield has brought this information forward. He brought this information forward by claiming himself to be Aishwarya's former Talent Manager. According to Simone, they went to Harvey's office. While coming out of the office, Harvey asked her how she could meet with Aishwarya. Simon's claim, he did not tolerate Harvey.

Simane further said, 65-year-old Harvey did not stop easily from trying to meet with Aishwarya personally. After returning to the hotel that day, Harvey tried to get Aishwarya. However, Aishwarya did not allow any damage to Simona. That's why Harvey threatened to give him some work.

Harvey has sexually assaulted at least eight women in the last three decades. Three actresses have filed accusations against Harvey Meanwhile, Italian actress Aasia Arzento had already filed a complaint. Then Angelina Jolie and Ginethe Pelleto accuse the producer of sexual harassment. Although Harvey denied the allegations against himself by the spokesman.
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