Fastest Bikes are designed to travel at very high-speeds. As kids, most of us were fascinated by speed. What is the top speed? That was probably the most important question as a young kid one had, and not kitna deti hain. Some are even fascinated even after they get old. To get an idea of how fast they really are, factor these numbers – a 180 bhp superbike that weighs 200 kg can reach 100 kmph from standstill in less than 3 seconds! An average car weighing 1000 kg will need more than 900 bhp to do the same.
10. Ducati Diavel – 260 kmph

Ducati Diavel
The Ducati Diavel is the second cruiser motorcycle from Ducati, after the Indiana of 1986–1990. The 2011 model year Diavel debuted in November 2010 at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan. For 2017 Ducati released the Ducati Diavel Diesel with a limited production of 666 bikes. The bike is a collaboration of Ducati and Diesel, a premium denim retail and fashion brand.
Engine Capacity – 1198cc V-configuration twin-cylinder

Power: 162 bhp @ 9500 rpm
Torque: 127.5 Nm @ 8000 rpm
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 10 kmpl
Weight: 205 kgs
Price: Rs 25,10,445
9. Aprilia Tuono V4R – 270 kmph

Aprilia Tuono V4R
The Tuono V4 1100 is the only naked powered by a 65° V4 engine with unique characteristics. The narrow V architecture has made it possible to make an engine that is extremely compact lengthways which helps to centralise weights and to have a compact chassis.
Engine Capacity – 999cc V-configuration four-cylinder

Power:167 bhp @ 11500 rpm
Torque: 111.5 Nm @ 9500 rpm
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 10 kmpl (estimated)
Weight: 183 kg 
Price: Rs 19,32,000
8. Suzuki GSX-R1000 – 288 kmph

Suzuki GSX-R1000
The Suzuki GSX-R1000 is a sport bike from Suzuki's GSX-R series of motorcycles. It was introduced in 2001 to replace the GSX-R1100 and is powered by a liquid-cooled 999 cc inline four-cylinder, four-stroke engine. The 2017 model, introduced to reporters at EICMA in late 2016, had a significantly redesigned engine the first since the last engine update on the 2009 model. This new engine has a higher RPM limit and no balancer shaft to quell vibration, also a mechanical variable valve timing used for ten years by Suzuki in MotoGP and drive by wire throttle.
Engine Capacity – 999cc in-line four-cylinder

Power: 191 bhp @ 12,000 rpm
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 15 kmpl (estimated)
Weight: 205 kg
Price: Rs 19,00,000
7. Yamaha YZF-R1 – 285 kmph
Yamaha YZF-R1
 The Yamaha YZF-R1, or R1, is an open class sport bike, or superbike, motorcycle manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company since 1998. A second higher-spec, limited production model is also produced called the R1M, and is differentiated from the standard model by having more expensive components such as electronic semi-active Öhlins suspension, carbon fiber bodywork, Yamaha’s Communication Control Unit (CCU), Y-TRAC data logging system, and stickier Bridgestone tires with larger rear 200/55-size. A third model starting in 2016 is also offered a lower-spec R1S.
Engine Capacity – 998cc in-line four-cylinder

Power: 180 bhp @ 12,500 rpm
Torque: 115.5 Nm @ 10,000 rpm
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 15 kmpl
Weight: 206 kg
Price: Rs 12,50,000
6. Honda CBR 1000RR – 297 kmph

Honda CBR1000RR
 The CBR1000RR, known in some countries as the Fireblade, is a 998 cc liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder sportbike, introduced by Honda in 2004 as the 7th generation of the CBR series of motorcycles that began with the CBR900RR in 1992. For 2017, with the 25th anniversary of the Fireblade, Honda has updated its flagship CBR with new features such as throttle-by-wire and traction control for the first time that works with selectable ride modes and new bodywork.
Engine Capacity – 999cc in-line four-cylinder

Power: 177 bhp @ 12,000 rpm
Torque: 112 Nm @ 8000 rpm
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 20 kmpl (estimated)
Weight: 199 kg
Price: Rs 15,46,479
5. Kawasaki ZX-10R – 295 kmph
Kawasaki ZX-10R
The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R is a motorcycle in the Ninja sport bike series from the Japanese manufacturer Kawasaki, the successor to the Ninja ZX-9R. It was originally released in 2004 and has been updated and revised throughout the years. It combines an ultra-narrow chassis, low weight, and radial brakes. Kawasaki releases a homologation special the ZX-10RR with modified cylinder head, race kit parts can be ordered such as high lift cams, DLC coated valve train, a beefed up crank case, Marchesini seven-spoke rims, also a bi-directional quickshifter, and a single seat this model will be a limited run of 500 units.
Engine Capacity – 998cc in-line four-cylinder

Power: 197 bhp @ 13,000 rpm
Torque: 112 Nm @ 11,500 rpm
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 10 kmpl
Weight: 198 kg 
Price: Rs 15,70,000
4. Aprilia RSV4 R – 297 kmph
Aprilia RSV4 R
In short, the RSV4 is a magical device that adds up to more than the sum of its parts, with performance that surpasses its spec sheet, and none of us even missed the Factory’s upscale suspension, brakes and wheels. TC means you’ll have a harder time hurting yourself—especially if track days or racing are part of the plan—and three-stage wheelie control means even little crippled children will someday be able to look like Schwantz exiting corners.
Engine Capacity – 999cc V-configuration four-cylinder

Power: 184 bhp @ 12,500 rpm
Torque: 117 Nm @ 10,000 rpm
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 10 kmpl (estimated)
Weight: 186 kg
Price: Rs 20,99,000
3. Suzuki Hayabusa – 300 kmph
Suzuki Hayabusa
The Suzuki Hayabusa is a sport bike motorcycle made by Suzuki since 1999. It immediately won acclaim as the world's fastest production motorcycle, with a top speed of 303 to 312 km/h.
Engine Capacity – 1340cc in-line four-cylinder

Power: 197 bhp @ 10,100 rpm
Torque: 138 Nm @ 7600 rpm
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 10 kmpl (estimated)
Weight: 260 kg 
Price: Rs 13,75,000
2. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R – 300 kmph
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R
The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 (ZZR1400 in some markets, ZX-14R since 2012), is a motorcycle in the Ninja sport bike series from the Japanese manufacturer Kawasaki that was their most powerful sport bike as of 2007.
Engine Capacity – 1441cc in-line four-cylinder

Power: 197 bhp
Torque: 162 Nm
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 10 kmpl (estimated)
Weight: 265 kg
Price: Rs 16,90,000
1. BMW S1000RR – 305 kmph
The BMW S1000RR is a sport bike initially made by BMW Motorrad to compete in the 2009 Superbike World Championship, that is now in commercial production. BMW issued a recall for bikes built between Sept. 1, 2011, through April 10, 2012 to address an issue with bolts that secure the connecting rods to the crankshaft that could loosen when the bike is ridden at high speed.

Power: 193 bhp @ 13,000 rpm
Engine Capacity: 999cc in-line four-cylinder
Torque: 112 Nm @ 9750 rpm
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 10 kmpl (estimated)
Weight: 178 kg
Price: Rs 18,02,200

Images Source: Google Images
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Friends, I want to tell you some things before starting the discussion. You earn online and earn offline, no technique is yet to discover that you will become rich overnight. You wake up and become a millionaire. Friends can be just for lottery. Moreover, you can not only say any income, but it can only be done by hard work. The more you give, the more income you can earn. So, first of all, shake the head from the head that you started earning online today and within 10 days the target money came to the money. Yes, one day it will come that you will be able to earn money from online goal. But it requires lot of hard work, fashion ideas, time and skill.
Top 5 Reliable Ways to Start Make Money Online Forever
So in a word, I would say that if you can work hard, give a lot of time, and take care of yourself, then only think about earning online. Otherwise it may just waste your time.

5 Reliable Ways to Make Money Online

  1. Earn Money from YouTube
  2. Make Money from Websites or Blogs
  3. Earn Money through Affiliate marketing
  4. Earn Money from Fiverr or other Freelancing marketplace
  5. Make Money by Sorting the Links

Earn Money from YouTube

Earn Money from YouTube
It is possible to earn a good amount of money from YouTube. YouTube earns a lot of popularity online for day to earn online. Many people are making a lot of money from YouTube, and you can also if you want. If you have a popular YouTube channel and have thousands of subscribers and you have a great view on the video you have made, you can earn a good amount of money from YouTube. Now you're not discussing this issue with YouTube. Can not find Keno about this subject that he does not know YouTube.

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YouTube is a very good way to earn online. But it will be better for you when you have a big channel. There will be many subscribers and many of the videos you create will be loved. Now you have to work hard to make big channels and many subscribers, you have to spend a lot of time and you have to be skilled at your work. If you can create a lot of good video, you want to show the whole world, if you can make good presentations and edit videos, youtube can be a good way of earning money for you. You can create any type of video. Whether it's a tutorial or a technology or cooking program. You make any type of video that you would like to make. Show the world that the videos. If the videos are good, then people will like it and subscribe to your channel. Many people will watch your video and you can earn a lot of money.

Make Money from Websites or Blogs

Make Money from Websites or Blogs
Another trusted place to earn online is the website or blog. If you have a website or a blog, and if your website or blog has enough visitors, you can earn a lot of money. See if there is a website or blog, and there are enough resources for it to earn, there are lots of ways to earn. However, my first choice as income means Google Adsense. I have already said Google Adsense. This is an add-growing company. You can monitor the content of your blog or website with AdSense. Google will share with you one percent of the money earned from the add-on. But you will need some of the great content of The more people will like your content and the view will earn you more than the add-ons.

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So make your own website or blog without delay. Then share your post or content with the world. Nowadays, only one thousand rupees can be made website. Too much can cost 2-3 thousand rupees. If you can make yourself, you can make it or take it from someone. You can use Google's Blogger service if you want. It's totally free. Create blogs with bloggers and stay blogging, create great content. Then there you can link Google Adsense and earn money.

Earn Money through Affiliate marketing

Earn Money through Affiliate marketing
Online shopping sites such as Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdill have all the affiliate marketing facilities. Affiliate marketing is a system where you can invite your friends or family or your site's visitors to buy a product. If they purchase invitations and purchase your referral product then you can earn some part from there.

So this is undoubtedly a good way to earn online. You can become an affiliate member of Amazon. Then you can choose the product as you wish, from there you will be given a link. You can share that link on your YouTube channel or website or blog or Facebook. If a buyer purchases that product by clicking that link, then you will get its commission from there.

With Affiliate Marketing you can refer to almost everything from books, mobile phones, electronic content. If you have a good platform for publicity, whether it's your YouTube channel or your website or your Facebook page. If you share your affiliate link through the platform and sell the product, you will earn a great deal of money.

Earn Money from Fiverr or other Freelancing marketplace

Earn Money from Fiverr or other Freelancing marketplace
Fiverr is a site where you can provide any services if it is possible to reach the service through online. For example website design, graphics design, logo design, wordpress development or video editing etc. If you are capable of doing any such work, you can make an account at There you will be able to sell your work. Most of the advantages of this is that every work price here is $ 5. You can also create different packages according to your work rules. And you can set different prices for them. When the customer arrives and will request you for his work. You will understand her work within 2-3 days. From there, Fiverr will cut a few bucks and give you almost the entire amount.

There are also many reliable freelancing marketplaces online. For example, freelancer, apocalypse etc. You can create a profile by opening an account in those freelancing marketplaces. Then you have to apply to the job of your favorite jobs or work you can get from thousands of jobs in the marketplace. If the job provider verifies you your profile then you can give that job. In the freelancing marketplace you can do the job of bell contract and fixed price. And from there, it is possible to earn a lot of money.

Make Money by Sorting the Links

Make Money by Sorting the Links
I have just said five reliable ways in this post to earn online. But there are still many ways through which you can earn a satisfactory income. Anyway now talk about linking the income online. Friends, you may notice that users are posted in different locations by posting the link. By removing the link you can shorten the larger website link. So many websites offer this service to fix this link. One of them is and But you can not earn using these. There are more websites on the Internet, such as or etc. They will pay you to sort the link.

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If you post something on Facebook or post something on your website, you can share it by sorting the link there. The more visitors you enter, the more you can earn. Besides, there are many small tasks online that can earn you money. Hopefully, I will hopefully get a detailed post about this.

Last Word

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Neelanjona Neela is an actress and model in Bangladesh. She was born on October 13, 1996 at Sylhet, Bangladesh. She started her showbiz career as a model in several television commercials. Neela became 2nd runners-up at Lux Channel I Superstar, a Bangladeshi beauty pageant, in 2014. Neela has modeled for various brands like 7Up, Banglalink, Close-up, Italiano Melamine (RFL), Ring ID and many more. Neela won Lux Emerging star award for her outstanding performance in Bangladesh television industry in 2017. She works in many television serial and dramas. Bit, recently she started her film actress career with bangla movie Gohin Baluchor in 2017.

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