Tisma Bangladeshi Pop Singer Biography & Hot HD Photos

Tisma is one of the most popular pop singer in Bangladesh. She was born on 1996 in Bangladesh. Pop girl Tisma is very busy with her stage program. Recently Bangladeshi singer Tisma has across her tide schedule. However last one year Tisma can not perform any program for her education. Once upon a time Tisma wrote daily star news papers and that page was children page. In present Bd singer Tisma construction her new band Group and come back again stage program.

She has performed Nandon Park Dhaka. On the other side she has pride her nine albums and all concentration only for 9th album. She says I get many offer for my vocal but I do not accept for my 9th album. Tisma seems to be her 9th will be the best album. For this reason Tisma tries heart and soul. Tisma says music is part and parcel of my life. Actually in my country most of the people know Tisma is a singer, especially pop singer. After many days Tisma feel happy because she says when I am performing stager show that moment many on looker response me.

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Tisma Bangladeshi Pop Singer Wiki
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