The Easiest Way To Add Songs To Your WordPress Posts

The easiest way to add songs to WordPress posts. Statistics tell us that WordPress is the most ongoing blog platform. Its easy to use-friendly and beautiful interface and themes easily attract a blogger. The tag system is also a very effective feature that increases the number of readers of a post.
The easiest way to add songs to WordPress posts
However, the praise of WordPress will not be too much. Let's come back to today's topic. One of the reasons for WordPress's popularity is that songs can be attached to any post, without any additional coding. If you are blogging on wordpress dot com site (free) and if you have not upgraded the space, you may have already noticed that no audio file can be uploaded to the given space of three gigabytes. In fact, WordPress does not offer the ability to upload audio to their free hosted blogs. However, if you have a file on any other island in the Internet Sea, then you can easily attach songs to your posts by using a direct link to that file, entering a single line code, or writing a code. But where to keep your song file, this is the problem.

If you often want to add songs or any audio files, you can take help of box dot nets. Because box dot net gives you direct link to your uploaded file using that you can attach song or audio file to Wordpress post. There are also some free services that will upload songs directly to you by linking them directly. But it is not necessary to say that none of them is friendly. You will have to face an additional problem that will never be expected. And when you do not use freelantly music, sometimes you need two, what will you do? This is the trouble!

No, is easy to use Google Pages creators. Those who already have a Google page creator, upload any file from the right side of the Google Page Creator dashboard. When the upload is complete, put the mouse button on the name of the uploaded file. Save the link shown in the status bar. If you want to copy the link by right clicking, this is a simple method. Then go to Wordpress's post editor code mode. Write down as below.

Note that after writing the audio, write a direct link to the audio file with a space that you got from the Google Page Creator. After publishing the post, there will be a small audio player that will play the reader listen to the audio track saved on Google page.

Note: File sharing websites such as Drive, Four Shared, To Shared, Rapid Shipping, etc, uploading a song file is no profit. Because they do not give you direct links to your files. If the direct link is not played, then the WordPress music player will not be able to play the song or play an audio file.

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