What Should You Use Between Windows Vs. Ubuntu?

What Should you use between Windows Vs. Ubuntu? Some of the difference between Ubuntu and Windows Today was present. The judge will decide for yourself which one you will receive consideration. We shared this article to users of bdhug.
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Windows differences

  1. Not available. The price of the original Windows bangladeshi 13,500 (around thirteen thousand) rupees. However, only 50 are available at the piracy of Windows OS. But it is missing some files.
  2. Anyone can easily harm the computer anyone else. For example, the virus can enter. There may be a software download malware. Can not hack. Something that also could have done without the permission of the computer owner should be.
  3. Creates large amounts of the virus. Especially shortcuts virus. Also the way the virus can enter easily. There are some viruses that anti-virus is not easily destroyed.
  4. Vintage old notebook or laptop computer too old or slow, and there is a lot of time. Older versions of Windows are also slower (eg, XP, etc.).
  5. Updates are required to pay the money.
  6. All software can be found in a particular place.
  7. Software services (eg office, audio-video player, etc.) to be installed separately.
  8. You can run its own operating system. That is the way Microsoft wants it to run and that cost thousands.
  9. Their money out of the windows into the holding position.

Ubuntu difference

  1. It's completely free to the Ubuntu OS.
  2. Fully secure. No one can harm your computer. There is likely to be hacked. There is no malware trouble. No software can not be installed without your permission.
  3. The virus is not made. Can not enter into any kind of virus. You do not even need an anti-virus.
  4. Any computer, notebook, laptop can run very well. The fastest since the old version of Windows. Also relatively faster than the current version of.
  5. Updates are also free.
  6. Ubuntu Software Manager will find all of the software like Ubuntu for Android is available in the Play Store. There are also some software is available in the Ubuntu software.
  7. All the necessary software is installed. You do not need to install separately.
  8. It can run its own operating system coding. However, you need to know about all kinds of programming that will be experienced.
  9. Out of money, but their service is to win people's hearts.
I hope by now you have realized no aparetim acceptable system. Remember one thing you'll know it is not really rush Ubuntu. The need to stick with at least a month. The only way you are able to enjoy.

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