Mobile Apps Leaked Your Confidential Data Without Notify Your

Mobile phones, personal data is left in the hands of others. Information on how to grab mobile phones from a distance is possible? According to McAfee security software company, facilitates the use of mobile apps for smartphones and mobile subscribers worldwide, has become the target of cyber attacks, especially in the smartphone data used personal information is at risk of being hacked photos name-password.
Cyber Attack

Mobile Apps Leaked Your Confidential Data

The present age of information technology, people are relying on the Internet constantly. As a result, everyone on Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Imo, including the thousands of mobile application are using Skype. That gave the palm of the hand of the user's communication system. But to use these mobile apps, for a little error User confidential information is leaked. Which is highly risky, says a group of researchers in Germany.

You must have noticed android smartphone apps when you install any of the apps in your personal information, such as automatically to the company phonebook, messages, call history, voice records, including the camera to access the different personal application. We're giving them access to the private information out of necessity. This is basically your personal information to the company in the hands of the developer.

The researchers said the technology, the software provides the user with all the information available online. By hackers or software by the authorities, which are constantly exposed.
Germany said the researchers, nearly 56 million active are insecure mobile applications. In the messenger, games, medical apps, apps, etc. Bank. These apps can be inadvertently leaked confidential information resulting from the use of the pages.
  • Secret Username (e.g. rahim, karim, djsagur, etc)
  • Account Login Password (e.g. PaSsWord12345)
  • Secret Email (
  • Personal Data or Informations (e.g. private data or secret informations)
  • Address (e.g. 108, Sadar Road, Barisal, Barisal Zila, Bangladesh.)
  • Postal Code (e.g. 8200)
  • Location Data (e.g. Dhaka, Bangladesh)
  • Mobile IP Address (e.g.
  • Bank Account Number (e.g. 874641416444646)
  • Debit or Credit Card Informations (e.g. Card number, CVV Code and others)
According to the research team, should follow the rules below to get rid of such risks.
  • To refrain from downloading free software online.
  • Facebook, Skype, Viber chat software, after chatting with such cut delete chat history
  • Any software to be downloaded only from the official site.
  • Not provide your personal informations on any websites, which url not bring with https://.
  • Browse any website with the cut delete browsing history.

Smartphone users who care more for a required feature

Recently McAfee Labs Authority thretasa McAfee Labs report: February in 2015, a report has revealed. The report has been claimed, manufacturers of mobile applications Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for failing to patch for the vulnerability of millions of mobile phone users is at risk.

In September last year, the Carnegie Mellon University's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) published a list of harmful and security vulnerabilities in mobile applications. 5 on the list of popular applications, McAfee Labs conducted a special examination. This test has been found, so far, 18 applications have not been associated with any of the patch, although these applications are claimed to be safe. The app was downloaded more than this group, which is obviously in the mobile picture editing. The various social networking websites and apps in the cloud speaks to the ability to share pictures.

McAfee researchers said, Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacked the so-called SSL security advantages of utilizing these apps is to grab data from a mobile phone. Cryptography and computer security from the attacker to conduct man-in-the-middle attack on the mobile phone users the ability to monitor or change the communication channel to stay. The user of such a sudden attack, and spoke to her on the phone was connected to separate each broadcast message was read out. In the meantime, users are reminded that their conversations are private channels, but the attacker control of the conversation. Although there is no evidence to overturn the security of mobile apps, the report said.

McAfee researchers said, the creators of the SSL security apps make no patch is in keeping millions of users at risk of attack MITM. McAfee researchers warned, it is not just MITM attack, mobile phone Potenasiyali Anaoyanteda Programs (PUPS) is becoming a serious risk. The user unknowingly PUPS or unwanted programs from the mobile phone to collect all the information possible to take away.

From October to December last year, the threshold of the three months increased by 14 percent the number of mobile malware or harmful programs. Asia and Africa region, the highest rate of this malware attack. Thanks for reading! If you like this article. Please share this article on social networks.
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