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Debashree Roy cute and bengali legend actress in India. She was born on August 8, 1961 at Kolkata, India. Her father Birendra Kishore Roy and mother Arati Roy. She is the maternal aunt of Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee. Debashree dated Sandeep Patil for some time. She was married to Bengali actor Prasenjit Chatterjee for a brief period. She known as a bengali film actress. But, she is also a good dancer, Animal Rights Activist and MLA in India.

Debashree Roy started her career since her childhood. She acted in the movie Pagol Thakur in 1967, when she at the age of 5. She appeared as a child artist in the movie Balak Gadadhar in 1969. Roy acting in a lot of films in her actress career. Her latest bengali films are 24th July (2014), Jakhan Esechhilem (2013), Tabu Mane Rekho (2013), Antoral (2013), Swabhoomi (2013), Latto (2013), Antare Bahire (2012), Life in Park Street (2012), Bhalo Meye Mando Meye (2012), Jibon Rang Berang (2011), Ei Aranya (2011), Thik Ekdin (2011), Haanda Bhonda (2010), Antarbas (2010), Thikana Rajpath (2010), Sukhno Lonka (2010), Rahasya (2009), Anubhab (2009) and Pakhi (2009).

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