How To Install PHP GD Library By cPanel (Apache And PHP)

The PHP GD library is a graphics drawing library that provides tools for manipulating image data. In Shopp, the library is used to process images for generating gallery preview and thumbnail size images automatically.
How To Install PHP GD Library By cPanel
To Install / Enable PHP GD Library. You need to login into your WHM. To login into WHM Visit:

PHP GD Library Installation:

Step 1: Go To Your WHM And Login As Root. Then Click On Software Below.
How To Install PHP GD Library By cPanel (WHM)
Step 2: Click on EasyApache which you are using. Like EasyApache 3 below.
How To Install PHP GD Library By cPanel (EasyApache)
Step 3: Then Click Customize Icon. Below.
How To Install PHP GD Library By cPanel (Customize)
Step 4: Select Apache Version Then Click Next Step Button Below.
How To Install PHP GD Library By cPanel (Apache Version)
Step 5: Select PHP Version Then Click Next Step Button Below.
How To Install PHP GD Library By cPanel (PHP Version)
Step 6: Then Click Exhaustive Options List Button Below.
How To Install PHP GD Library By cPanel (Exhaustive Options)
Step 7: Now Mark GD Option Below.
How To Install PHP GD Library By cPanel (Mark GD)
Step 8: Then Click Save and Build Button Below.
How To Install PHP GD Library By cPanel (Save And Build)
Step 9: Now Click Ok Button of Confirm Action Below.
How To Install PHP GD Library By cPanel (Recomplete Apache And PHP)
Now you are starting to rebuild your Apache and PHP. It may take sometimes to process. You will show all status about Re-Build live in your screen.

If have any problem to install this program in cPanel. Feel free to cantact us or, type your comment in bottom comment box of this article. We try to solve your problem as soon. Or, help you to solve this problem. We always for you.
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