Salman Muqtadir Bangladeshi Actor Biography & New HD Photos

Salman Mohammad Muqtadir is young generation television drama actor in Bangladesh. He was born on August 9, 1993 in Australia. He resided in Dhaka, Bangladesh after being born in Australia. His father is from Bangladesh. Salman studied at the US college Nirimba Precinct and British council. He known as a television drama actor. Salman works in many bangla natoks like Masti UnlimitedMasti Reloded. In this two bangla natok he as works with Shouvik Ahmed, Shawon, Shoumik Ahmed and Others.

Salman Muqtadir Biography

Full Name:Salman Mohammad Muqtadir
Date Of Birth:August 9, 1993
Place Of Birth:Australia
Age (as in 2017):24 years old
Height:5 Feet 5 Inches
Weight:58 KG
Salman has works with bangladeshi best drama actor Mosharraf Karim in bangla natok Misfire in 2015. He has also works with Mishu Sabbir, Safa Kabir in bangla natok Valobasha 101. Salman has works with Allen Shubhro, Sabila Nur in Ja Kichhu Ghote. He always got success and high popularity in his actor career by best quality bangla dramas.

Mohammad Muqtadir is a tv drama actor. But, he also a good Youtube Star. He publishes pranking videos to his YouTube channel named SalmoN TheBrownFish. His SalmoN TheBrownFish channel has more than 396,500 subscribers. He has also got success and high popularity in his Youtube Star career by best quality videos on his youtube channel.

Salman Muqtadir HD Photos

Salman Muqtadir

salman muqtadir funny videos

salman muqtadir birthday

salman muqtadir and sabila nur (mishu sabbir in background)

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