Bollywood Actress who Died Under Mysterious Circumstances

Bollywood actresses queen of hearts of thousands of devotees Many of them are curious about the surroundings. Fans have become desperate to see one of their eyes Accepting the sudden death of that favorite actress is really painful. At this time, many Bollywood actresses have been subjected to sudden death, the mystery of those whose death has not been revealed even today. Today's organizes some of the heroine.
1. Madhubala
She went on forever after 36 years of age. Bollywood actress Madhubala died in 1969. Everyone said he had died of cardiac arrest. The fact that he died, is still unknown. Because this heroine was completely alone in the last few days of life. Her relationship with Dilip Kumar did not result. Even after the death, she was removed from the grave where he was lying down.
2. Meena Kumari
Meena Kumari
Meena Kumari dies after three weeks of 'Pakija' release of life's best picture Actress, who died of Syrose's Liver at the age of 39, died. It is heard that many drank alcohol. That's why she died due to liver damage.
3. Divya Bharti
Divya Bharti
Divya Bharati fell down from her flat in Mumbai on 5 April 1993. Bollywood's rising stars died at the age of 21 only. But there is a disagreement with Dawa's death in the press. Dibre's death accident or planning is not known, it is still unknown. Many people said they had died due to excess alcohol drinking water from the balcony of the flat. But they demanded the parents, the murder was done,
4. Zia Khan
Zia Khan
Zia Khan made her debut in Bollywood with Amitabh Bachchan. Zia was killed in 2013 after acting in several Bollywood movies. Based on a suicide note, police arrested Surat Pancholi, son of Aditya Pancholi. Later he was released. Zia's mother alleged that her daughter was murdered. But to date, it is not known, this hero was actually murdered, or did the heroine committed suicide.
5. Parveen Babi
Parveen Babi
Parveen Babi was one of Bollywood's most appealing actresses. In the 1970s and 1980s, she presented several popular photos. Parveen Babi was involved with many Bollywood actors. But the result of the relationship was not with anyone. This heroine was suffering from depression, and at one stage she was herself a house-locker. Due to diabetes, her legs were gangrene. Because of which she could not walk. Three days after her death, police recovered her body from the flat in 2005. The exact reason why she died was unknown today. Whether she committed suicide or normal death, she was a smoker. Many people think that actress committed suicide because of depression.
6. Resurgeon Banerjee
Resurgeon Banerjee
Popular TV serial 'Girl bride' actress Pratyusaa Banerjee hanged herself with a ceiling fan on April 1 last year. Police found that the relationship between ex-boyfriend Rahul Singh and her ex-boyfriend with another daughter was the main reason for suicide. Many friends and parents demanded that the survivor did not commit suicide, Rahul had killed her. Although the autopsy revealed that dhe had died of breathlessness. Suits of suicide matched. But lover suicides were responsible for the incident of boyfriend Rahul. Pregnancy was before the death of the child. But the mystery of her death has not been revealed even today.
7. Silk Smitha
Silk Smitha
Silk Smitha started acting in Tamil film. Before coming to the film, her name was Vijaya Lakshmi. Silk Smitha, who was popularly known for her role in the long-term sex appeal role, got popularity overnight. She started the item song in Indian cinema with her hand. Acting in over 450 films in 17 years of film career. Silk starred in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi language films. This heroine was suffering from emotional depression due to financial crisis, failure in love, and extra alcohol consumption. She was found dead on September 23, 1996 in Chennai apartment. Later, the biography of 'The Dirty Picture', which was produced by Vidya Balan, played the role of Silk.

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