Blue Whale Games are Spreading Panic in Bangladesh

On 12 October from the virus message sent to the Facebook messenger, the 'Blue Whale Game' will be inserted into all the Android phones of Bangladesh within the 9-10pm on October 13. The message says that it has been broadcast from the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). BTRC did not give any such warning. It is one of the most widely used versions of viral messages circulated in the center of the Blue Whale Panic in Bangladesh.
Blue Whale
The message is not transparent, but who wants to insert this app. But naturally anyone can not insert a mobile app on any Android phone or the Blue Whale Games. In case your Android phone can automatically insert an app that they are:-
1. Google authority
Most Android phones have an app called the Google Play Store, controlling the status of apps installed on the mobile. But Google will not make any changes to forcefully comply without your consent. In particular, if any of your harmful changes are effective on your mobile, then it will be the opposite of Google Privacy Policy.
2. Mobile Device Manufacturers
Mobile devices such as Samsung, Shawom, or Motorola have the ability to remotely modulate your device in some cases through the Android operating system installed on their mobile phones. But to do so, they are legally obliged to take your consent. Otherwise they will face their extreme legal hassle.
3. Apps your mobile is installed
If you have a suspicious or harmful app already installed on your mobile, especially if you have permission to get big control over your mobile phone while installing it, then hackers can harm your mobile phone. If you do not already have an app installed on your mobile, then there is no reason to be alarmed.

However, it is almost impossible for a particular group to control all the Android devices in a particular region. Also Blue Horse is not basically a mobile game.

If you ever get this kind of alert message in your inbox, you should not be forwarded in any way. Because, if it is really that the miscreants are planning to do something harmful at certain time, then there is a possibility that viral alert messages have already reached them. If they want, they can change their time. These types of messages are usually made different times for fooling.

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