Sham Closing In Advertisement By Showing Models Body

In an advertisement image, people look as attractive as a model, or because of their physical structure, the mindset of the person can become disturbed, in reality, a model may not be a very handsome or sensible external structure. How is a model presented so beautiful on screen? The answer is photoshop, computer, software and sophisticated technology. That is, the help of a machine is presented in a way that is very good.
Sexy Model
But this tech was rejected in France. The move will be postponed from tomorrow in the country. If such a thing is done, then the audience will have to give a warning message about the artificial beauty of the model, as given in the case of cigarettes. It has been said in this law of the country that such advertisement should be clearly written, 'edited picture' is the message. If the law breaks, then the fine will be fine. Whether it is 37,500 euros or 30% of the cost incurred for creating that advertisement.

Officials said the government has taken steps to stop such artificial images considering public health.
The French Health Minister's statement- When watching artificial pictures of the body, boys lose their confidence, resulting in their health risks. In addition to France, a similar law is applicable in Israel.

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