This Ad is not the Woman, the Male Model is Naked!

The use of women as a model for attracting visitors to any advertisement has long been before. There was no problem with this. Feminist and discriminatory protests did not change the situation after one another. But an advertising agency turned the whole thing upside down. Now advertised is not a woman, naked model is male!
This Ad is not the Woman, the Male Model is Naked
A studio manufacturer named Swiss Studios advertised it. This organization created a suit for girls. The storm of this new advertisement has now risen in the netgunia In this ad, the men in the suit are nude behind women. Their identity was not leaked. But the product of the naked male body has been made in a planned manner.

Meanwhile, advertising agency advertising has turned around the language of the company. Sex has been made product, but here the male body has been chosen. No man's face was shown as an important indication. That is, the contact is not important here. Only the product has been made of their naked body. In the world of advertising, there has been a lot of debate about this in Neduniyuna.

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