Aishwarya was also on the List of Harvey's Sexual Lust!

A few days ago, news coverage of Hollywood's influential producer Harvey Winsten's sexual scandal was revealed in the New York Times Magazine. The whole incident triggered a stir in the US Muluk Angelina Jolie and Gonyith Palatro had sexually harassed Oscar-winning producer Harvey Winstein Two actresses told the New York Times that producer Harvey Winsteen tried to rape her at the start of her acting career. It is known that Bollywood is not just heroine, Bollywood's Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was also on the list of Harvey's sexual lust!
Aishwarya Rai and Harvey Weinstein
It is known that he also wanted to meet with Aishwarya in private, Harvey. Simona Sheffield has brought this information forward. He brought this information forward by claiming himself to be Aishwarya's former Talent Manager. According to Simone, they went to Harvey's office. While coming out of the office, Harvey asked her how she could meet with Aishwarya. Simon's claim, he did not tolerate Harvey.

Simane further said, 65-year-old Harvey did not stop easily from trying to meet with Aishwarya personally. After returning to the hotel that day, Harvey tried to get Aishwarya. However, Aishwarya did not allow any damage to Simona. That's why Harvey threatened to give him some work.

Harvey has sexually assaulted at least eight women in the last three decades. Three actresses have filed accusations against Harvey Meanwhile, Italian actress Aasia Arzento had already filed a complaint. Then Angelina Jolie and Ginethe Pelleto accuse the producer of sexual harassment. Although Harvey denied the allegations against himself by the spokesman.

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