HTML File Path - A Guide for Innovative Web Designers

HTML File Path - A Guide for Innovative Web Designers. "Why do not you get the image if you run the code even after typing the correct code? Why do not you know that the slider is moving? Looks like the code is right, but why the code is not working properly, my computer will not have problems or me! "- This problem is very common for new programmers and web designers. If you are new to the world of programming in the world, especially in the web design, then you must have seen such a problem.
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It's a very small but extremely serious mistake. This type of problem is usually due to not using HTML File Path or Location correctly.

If you started a new flick of web design, then this post is for you only! Today we will learn, What is HTML File Path and How to use this correctly?

So let's get started,

In HTML file it is almost always necessary to call different types of file calls from outside. For example, we often call our index file or any HTML file, such as Image, Stylesheet, JavaScript etc.

We use this code to call such a picture or image

<img src=”your-image.jpg” />

But the trouble is in this place. If you can not correctly insert the image source inside "src", then the image will not be loaded. It is normal. So let's see how we can call the image or any file correctly.

Normally a file path or a call is made in 2 ways in a src

  1. Absolute File Paths
  2. Relative File Paths
Absolute File Path is the direct address of a file directly to a website.
যেমন- <img src=”” alt=”Camera Icon”>
Calling in this way is the easiest and not just a picture, by uploading it to a web server in any file, you can use that file's full URL to call that file inside any HTML.

Opposite side

Relative File Path is such that without calling the absolute path of a file directly, you can call that file on your own server around the HTML file and call it from there.
The thing is, take a picture you want to keep on your own website and keep it with the HTML file. You can use the following code to call it:

<img src=”picture.jpg”>

This means that the file named that picture.jpg is with your html file and you are calling it directly.
This Relative File Path can be called different ways, see the example below.
<img src="picture.jpg">"picture.jpg" is in the same folder with the HTML file
<img src="images/picture.jpg">"picture.jpg" is the folder named images with HTML file
<img src="/images/picture.jpg">"picture.jpg" inside the images name folder inside the entire project's root folder
<img src="../picture.jpg">"picture.jpg" One step above or behind is where HTML is located

Above, we call the image named image.jpg using a 4-way relative path. These four ways are typically file files from their own servers.

Hopefully the video above the new web designers will be very helpful. Even if you do not understand anywhere, you can write your comment on bellow comment link of this article.

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