Jessia Islam's Intimate Photos with the Former Lover is Viral!

Miss World Bangladesh Jessia Islam will leave for China on October 19. The preparation of 117 nations has the proper preparation for spreading the country's own and its own country.
Jessia Islam's Intimate Photos with the Former Lover
But another incident happened in the meantime. And that is what some intimate pictures of Miss Bangladesh Jessia have been viral on Facebook with former lover. Although the page from which the images are uploaded, the page has been closed. But in the meantime, the picture has spread to many people on Facebook Wall.

When contacted, he told to journalist. He said, "Yes, I have seen the pictures. With my boyfriend People can not have boyfriends? This is what kind of thing. '
Jessia Islam's Intimate Photos
Then you have no problems with the pictures and you accept the pictures? 'What's the problem? May have boyfriends. And this generation boyfriend has everyone. And do not accept it! But yes, he was my x boyfriend. But I do not know who the admin of the page? I've reported. If you can, you too. All the questions are strange. Well, keep the phone now.

Having said these words, he cut off the connection to the phone. However, the name of his x boyfriend was not fully understood for speaking quickly to Jessia. So the name could not be published.
Jessia Islam's Intimate with her Lover
It is to be mentioned that, Jessia Islam has become 'Miss World Bangladesh' by taking various forms of speculation, debate, discussion and criticism. She is the Bangladeshi representative on the world stage of 19th China. And so, the world is looking forward to presenting Bangladesh to Jassa It has been learned that Miss World Bangladesh will be on stage in the event of the competition made by the hilly and jute attire of the world. For the guests who are present in the event and for the participants in the competition, Jessia will carry things in jute bags made of jute, shoes, salwar-kamiz, bag, wallet, mobile phone, jewelry box, jute jamdani, jute jute printed on the picture of Father of the Nation Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. , 22 posts including Royal Bengal pictures.

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