Why do not Wear Bra on Today's Day Women?

Today is World Bray Day. So women in different countries are not wearing this day, no bra. Every year on October 13, 'No Bra Day' was celebrated to raise awareness of breast cancer. According to medical science, women who do not wear bra, their breast cancer risk is very low. On October 13, it is celebrated as a bra day, but the entire month of October is observed as the month of breast cancer throughout the world.
Why do not Wear Bra on Todays Day Women
The 'No Bray' Day is strongly spread through the hashtag in 2011, spreading to social media. Supporting the day, as well as women, as well as to help men come forward, various awareness organizations. With the creation of awareness on breast cancer, this day marks a reminder of women's emancipation in the form of bra avoidance, many women in the Western world think. Recently, a survey by the UK's Cancer Council found that about 50,000 women in the country are being breast cancer every year. Since 1990, the number of women with breast cancer increased by about 19 percent.

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