Salman said 'Big Boss' Contestant is Dog & Apologizes to Dogs

Salman Khan, who is famous for his 'Bhai', started the day-long program of 'Bigg Boss 11' for apologizing to the dogs last Saturday. Suddenly, why would he apologize to the dogs, maybe many would be surprised. But the beginning of the incident centered around Zubair Khan, the contestant of Big Boss 11.

Jubair Khan, the contestant, started the untouchability in the 'Big Boss' House, and in the weekend Weekend Ka War' episode, Salman compared him to a dog. Zubair has been dropped from the Big Bash House this week. Since leaving, he has been talking about the 'Big Boss' program in the media. In some media, he said the script of this event was already made, according to the script, the participants said their own dialogue at the Big Boss House.
Salman Khan Big Boss
He did not stop saying this only; He told the police about Salman's police complaint against him, and told the media - he should ask for forgiveness as a dog, and Salman should ask for forgiveness. Interestingly, after learning about the incident, Salman started his show on Saturday and apologized to the dogs. He said there, he is repentant as Zubair, but it also clarifies that this repentance is not meant to tell Zubair to be a dog, but rather to treat Zubair with an animal, he thinks he has humiliated dogs, and apologized to the dogs before the start of the ceremony. He

It is to be noted that Salman Khan, the director of the show, went to the Zubayer's behavior in the Big Boss House, so he said in 'Weekend Ka War' episode, one day he will become a dog in Zubair's behavior.

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