Salman Khan is Leaving His Girlfriend Because of Her?

There was no shortage of love and women in the life of Bollywood actor Salman Khan. When a lover had gone, another lover would not have been late. Similarly, after the separation of Katrina Kaif, came the romantic beauty of Luliya Vantur. Although there is no formal announcement of their love, there is a lack of buzz around them.
Salman Khan and Luliya Vantur
But it is heard that Lula, her alleged lover, is going to leave Salman for her country to go to Romania. Why did he suddenly come back to his romania to emphasize the bold speculation in Bollywood. Is there any problem that Salman has not been able to give him time? In both of them, the speculation has been born in Bollywood.
Salman Khan
For the past two years, Salman has been dating Bollywood buzz and Lulia. Lulea has also been seen at the family's occasion. But Salman, who was busy shooting for 'Tiger Zinda Hai' and 'Big Boss' for several months, was not able to give Lulia time. As a result, speculation about Lulia's avoiding Salman was further strengthened. Even though this buzz has ended Lulia itself.
Salman Khan and Luliya Vantur
This model-actress of Romania says, nothing else, she has to return to her country after the visa is over. Instagram Lulia in this context, 'Sometimes there is no way. The rules have to be followed. The visa is over, so it is going to be returned. '

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