'I am Shah Rukh Khan, why Compare Me with Others'?

He is the King of Bollywood. But his film is not seeing success in a few years. Meanwhile, his contemporaries are staring at superhit cinemas in Bollywood. How does it feel to see their success? Recently, the response to this question was a strong response to Shah Rukh.
Shah Rukh Khan
The 51-year-old actor was asked, how much did the success of other actors affect him after spending more than 25 years in Bollywood? In response, Shah Rukh said, 'I am Shahrukh Khan. Why do I think about others? Why should I head over with the success of others? Why do I compare myself to others? So what is the profit of the star? Do not waste time thinking about the fame of others. '

According to him, if he becomes envious of the success of contemporary stars, his fame will not be of any use. He has everything, so look no further than the mirror. Rather, there are many who want to be Shahrukh Khan. He himself is Shahrukh, would anyone want to be sad?
After a few flop movies, the next film is now based on Shah Rukh Khan's assurance. Anand el Raiyar will be seen in this movie with multiple heroine. The name of the movie was not correct yet. This starring movie can be released next year.

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