That's why Women are Boycott Twitter

Activists, celebrities and journalists announced Twitter boycott on Friday 13 October in protest of the closure of actress Rose McGowan's Twitter account. In a tweet, Rose McGowan has temporarily closed its account after alleging rape against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.
That's why Women are Excluding Twitter
This campaign was run by #WomenBoycottTwitter. And within a few hours on Friday, the campaign was shared 90,000 times. Twitter has said that McGowan's account has been terminated because he has violated the terms of this platform. And Twitter chief Jack Dorsey said the new policy is coming on Twitter.
Despite these explanations, many have complained that this action has taken against Twitter Daily McGowan in opening his face against influential people like Harvey Weinstein. Police have already started investigations into some allegations after Harvey Weinstein released one of the rape, sexual assault and harassment allegations.
Rose McGowan
Among those who gave the boycott of the Tuetra are many famous stars. However, many believe that, instead of excluding women from Twitter, they should be protesting loudly on Twitter.

Harvey Oneston is one of Hollywood's most influential movie producers. His friendship with influential and powerful people in the US Even Barack Obama, a close friend of Hillary Clinton. He is also one of the fat fund managers of the Democratic Party.

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